Pheidole megacephala

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Pheidole megacephala

Post: # 37123Post Ductape503
Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:07 am

I’ve got my Pheidole megacephala, and I’m wondering would an Omni nest large be an option once the colony is large enough. I was also thinking of filling the chambers with sand so they have to dig thru to actually expand their nest size. Would this be a good idea?
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Re: Pheidole megacephala

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Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:07 am

No.Pheidole Magacephala Is Wayyyyyyyy Too Small For A Omni Nest Large.Try A Small.And No Substrate.They're Small Size Makes No Problem Of Hiding From You!Only Move In Ants If They Have 50+ Workers Into Any Omni Nest(Unless If Its A Vertical,In That Case;UseSliders!)But You Can Move A Colony Into A Hybrid Nest If They Have 20-30+ Workers.Pheidole Magacephala Only Get This Population,Thanks To A Balance Of Life

1 Queen,5-10Yrs,Lets Say A 5 Year Old Colony
1 Queen
4510 Workers
855 Soldiers
275 Males
190 Females
And Here's The Twist-The Queens Maximum Is About 26-32 Eggs/Hour When About The Colony Reaches 2-3 Years Old...And Unlucky For Us;Stays This Way Until She Dies.So The Colony Usally Remains The Same Size.Still,What Ever Floats Your Boat!
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