[NA/WA]Locations for Stigmatomma

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[NA/WA]Locations for Stigmatomma

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Wed Jan 22, 2020 6:13 pm

As the title suggests, I am looking for locations for wild Stigmatomma ants, commonly referred to as Dracula ants, in Washington state. They are one of my favorites and I would love to be able to find a queen this season.

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Re: [NA/WA]Locations for Stigmatomma

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Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:17 pm

There is only one species of stigmatomma native to Washington.

AntWeb.org's description
"Amblyopone oregonensis is found in shaded, mixed coniferous forest, where it nests in large rotten logs. Colonies are polygynous and often rather diffusely distributed throughout the log. The principal prey appears to be geophilomorph centipedes. Alates emerge in August and September."

"Specimen Habitat Summary
Found most commonly in these habitats: 6 times found in mixed coniferous forest, 1 times found in mixed conifer/hardwood, 1 times found in mixed conifer forest, 1 times found in lichen-covered bluff, 1 times found in Quercus-Pinus-Pseudotsuga, 1 times found in lichen bald, conifer forest edge.

Found most commonly in these microhabitats: 4 times ex rotten log, 3 times sifted litter (leaf mold, rotten wood), 1 times under bark of Pseudotsuga menziesii, 1 times under stone, 1 times in dead wood, 1 times ex large rotten log (Pseudotsuga).

Collected most commonly using these methods: 3 times direct collection, 1 times hand collecting, 2 times search, 1 times leaf litter sifted with Davis sifter, 1 times 6L sifted litter, extracted in Winkler sack over 96 hours.

Elevations: collected from 30 - 1470 meters, 1018 meters average"
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