New Trap Jaw worker might be sick

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New Trap Jaw worker might be sick

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Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:40 am

Yesterday, a new trap jaw worker came out of her nest. The nest is located under ground in the soil. First time I seen her. She's got a brownish head compared to her sisters who are full black. (Current size of the colony is One queen and 3 workers)
She was acting strangely in a way that she'd ignore food items that her sisters would pick up and bring back to the nest (a few mosquitoes in this case), and also honey. What I found most strange is that she looks as if she was walking without direction(except for upwards), trying to climb the enclosure. She wouldn't stop trying to climb no matter how many times she fell. She hasn't gone back to the nest and today, she's still outside trying to climb. I've been observing her and she decided to just stand still(probably due to exhaustion). It's been a couple of hours now and she's still in the same position. Weirdly, she would lift just her hind legs into the air once in a while. Is she sick(infected with that fungus that makes ants climb?) or is it normal?

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Re: New Trap Jaw worker might be sick

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Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:27 am

This is a very strange behavior and there is a possibility that the worker is infected. Are the other workers doing the same sometimes? If so, it could be an ***** that the colony doesnt like the setup and is trying to find another place. Could be because of humidity, the soil's components,etc. Otherwise, just try to keep the setup as clean as possible and try to avoid feeding them insects like mosquitoes and especially flies as they might carry diseases in them. Safe options are fruit flies,worms, and crickets which you could buy in a nearby pet shop. I even try raising them as ive also got predator fishes to feed.Good luck!

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