Hello from South Carolina!

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Hello from South Carolina!

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:42 am

Howdy people!
Im MikeT. Moved to the east coast from the west coast a couple years back and noticed these tiny ants that we don't have in Northern Cal.
Mini-ants! Not just the regular black ants so common in houses. Of course there are the fire ants that the locals here are so used to, those things are crazy! Don't have those in northern Cal either. At least not that I've seen.
But these super tiny ants refreshed a lifelong interest in a colony of my own!
Some tiny colonies here are black, some red.
I have learned now that they are Pheidole, with many types. And while at a park found a small rotting stick, 1" diameter 3" long, with tiny tiny red ants hanging out..
A queen was inside! I made a nice little home in a mason jar, and they have grown from about a dozen workers to about 100!
They only eat flies. Will not touch anything sugary. Don't like anything else but will begrudgingly accept baby roaches! Nothing else!
Im thinking aphids will possibly be needed to round out their diet..???
I initially started this about 3 months ago under the false pretense of a "science project" for my 9yr old son. But he had zero interest, and really it was i who wanted to do it! Lol
It calms me considerably to watch them carefully tend to their mini world.. these pheidole do not rush around attacking, but seem more relaxed and careful, mindful. Like tiny Hobbits!
Anyway, I'm rambling now.
Been watching AntsCanada for a couple months on the tube, so cool! What an awesome show, interesting info, awesome video quality, and a great personality!
Thank you AntsCanada, hello to all, and thank you all for any info i might get here on this forum.
Best regards,

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Re: Hello from South Carolina!

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:26 am

I have pics to post, but this site does not seem to have the simplicity of use that other forums have..
On other forums i can click on the pic and upload pics. This one has the other method (i watched the video), not going to so the photo bucket thing.
Perhaps there's another way?
Im not tech savvy at all.
I may simply be so far behind on all this stuff,
but it just seems to me that click and upload makes sense...?
Thank you for any suggestions.
Have a great day!

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Re: Hello from South Carolina!

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Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:54 pm

I hear that you up load the image to imigur or flickr and click on the share arrow thing and post the link it gives you. On flickr (the one i use) you have to go to the BBC code and copy and paste it and then delete every thing outside of the [img][img/] brackets. Or you can just post a link that we can plug into the search bar.

Also WELCOME!! :D :D
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