Low Cost Formicarium Evaluation Required (Camponotus )

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Re: Low Cost Formicarium Evaluation Required (Camponotus )

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Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:55 pm


My Low Cost V2 design was a failure, as predicted by you after 2 weeks mold spreads out quite easily, specially because i was testing different foods and both jam and "nuts" molded very fast. (heat wave +40ºC outside last days didn't helped - up 30ºC inside)

They are back in v1 "design" where i've added a flask with water and more "bugalhos",
(it was very easy to move them, since they rushed inside the bugalho nest and i just had to pick it all)

top view:

This will be their traveling formicarium since i'm moving and they will have to survive in my car. I'll probably add some paper to fill the empty space to prevent everything from jumping around. Also everything will go inside a thermal bag with a remote temperature sensor xD i hope they survive well, it's not a big journey but several stops. (and yes i checked, camponotus species seems to be common all over the country from my research)

Good news,
- they are alive;
- now they are around 15 with 3 males
- there are a lot of eggs inside the nest so i must have a queen somewhere!

If you can spot the queen, it would be appreciated:

I have a some of idea to low cost Version 3, taking into account your commentaries and some new research - i need to improve ventilation - but only when i'm in the new house.
Mapping ants (under development):

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