Myrmica Rubra Queens and Microrubra Queens??

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Myrmica Rubra Queens and Microrubra Queens??

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Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:28 am

Hey guys, so I habe been looking at M. Rubra and I noticed they have 2 types of queens...
Does this make it more challenging to found a colony?
Or does it not matter if u catch microrubra over the bigger queens? I only ask because I only know of one wild colony and I know some of them will attract males and mate outside their nest. Will the big queens also do this because I have not noticed another colony around and do not know how far Rubras are willing to fly.
Research is important before during and even after you have established a colony. There is always time to learn and to listen to others experiences. Live by this and your ants will thrive. Fail to do so and your experience may be brief.

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