I really need help (Queen ID)

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I really need help (Queen ID)

Post: # 36142Post Ryderw
Sun May 20, 2018 10:19 am

I am just starting ant keeping and found this ant this last week(5/17/18). She was in the ground trying to start a new colony after her nuptial flight and I dug her up.I am desperate to find out what kind she is as she started to lay eggs. Here are the pics hope you can get a good look my phone didn't want to focus on her in the tube and I didn't want to keep her out too long and have her eat her eggs! :shock:

6mm in size 6.2mm if you want to get technical


PS: She was found in North America Florida
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Re: I really need help (Queen ID)

Post: # 36177Post AntDudeUSA
Mon May 21, 2018 11:27 am

Hello after looking at the photo and comparing i believe it could be a Caribbean crazy ant. Im not native to Florida nor am i a ant expert however with comparing the pics you have , that is what i believe you have on your hands. she is a real beauty by the way good luck with her :) if you want to compare with pictures yourself as you have a better view of her there is a website called antweb go onto there select bioregions choose north america ,select america, then select Florida and it will show you all known ant specie of Florida along with pictures

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