San Angelo Texas - Queen __?

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San Angelo Texas - Queen __?

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Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:24 pm

Yesterday (September 30, 2017) I went on a walk with a few friends to our college campus cafeteria. I was unsuccessful in finding queens for Pogonomyrmex Barabatus this year, and was still a bit bummed about it. I saw a large, black ant wandering around, but despite the rain of the day before I was not considering that it was a queen. One friend and I went back to the room ahead of the others, and it is thanks to his sight and interest when I talked about the ants that I found my queens at all! He spotted a dead elate being carried away by fire ants, and we were looking at the large, black ant. I was confused, as I knew there were nuptial flights but did not expect to see any elates.
Just past him, to the left, I saw a wandering black ant, a bit bigger.

She went onto my hand easily, didn't bite or run away from me at all. I am very excited to see her colony grow! However - I have only ever looked at Pogonomyrmex ants, as I was hoping to keep native ants. Being as I found this species in the wild, I am relieved that the ants are native.

I have some suspicions as to what she is - however, my research was exclusively over P. Barabatus, and thus I turn to you.

San Angelo, Texas within the United States.
I found them on the ASU campus in between twin rows of trees near a parking lot. They were on the sidewalk. (I found 3 queens here, all the same.)
Saturday, September 30, 2017. About 6 pm
Measurement - Body characteristics
I cannot accurately measure at this moment. Will edit with a measurement once I have borrowed my roommate's measuring tools
Appeared black on the sidewalk and outside, but the yellow light in the room made them appear more reddish
I have 4 from when I first caught her-
She laid eggs between the time I caught her and October 1st. You can find those pics here:

Question to you:
I put her into a small tube originally after catching her, and transferred her over to a test tube setup later that night. Overnight she laid her eggs, and I became overjoyed with this. Now I find myself wondering how to set up an outworld. I won't need it for a while, but I will eventually. How do I go about making an outworld suited to this ant species? While I will not immediately need it, I would like to start working on it so that it is ready when the ants are ready.

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Re: ID Request

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Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:17 am

Solenopsis Sp.
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Re: San Angelo Texas - Queen __?

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Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:36 am

Solenopsis Invicta-Go Look In May After Rain And It Will Be Hard To Walk And Not Step On One
My current ants
Pogonomyrmex Barbatus
Psudomyrmex Graccilis
Temnothroax Longiveps
Tetramourium Bicarinatum
Pheidole Moerens
Pheidole Obscuriothorax
Brachymyrmex Patgonicus
Camponotus Decipens,And Castanus.

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Re: San Angelo Texas - Queen __?

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Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:18 am

Thank you, I'm glad I have them ID'd now. It's a relief, as now I can set up an outworld ^^

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