St. Peter, MN. 22 un-ID'd queens

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St. Peter, MN. 22 un-ID'd queens

Post: # 29654Post Mjml87
Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:38 am

-First one caught July 16 currently raising several pupae. Formica sp

-9 caught Aug 12 last weekend around 6-7pm, currently 2 queens laying eggs.

-Another 12 caught yesterday Aug 19 same time.

All queens have shedded their wings, some have even seemed to have munched on them. Witnessed a majority cleaning themselves includomg the end of their gaster. So far, good signs from what I've read, and understand

As soon as the first nanitics come I'd like to start finding these girls good homes. (Of course I'll be keeping a few for myself :P )

Pics soon!!

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