Nuptial flights in brazil

Where and when are you finding queen ants? A section to share nuptial flight schedules by ant species and locality

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Nuptial flights in brazil

Post: # 14225Post Thiagoyanneves
Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:05 pm

It's summer on Brazil , time to atta nuptial flight. Does anyone knows what ants fly too? Like camponotus?


Re: Nuptial flights in brazil

Post: # 14407Post KAMINOAN
Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:17 pm

Hi Friend !

Look around your area and map what ants you find and their species and you will know always that after a rain day those ants will fly and make sure to be on the nests of the same species to catch some queens.


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Re: Nuptial flights in brazil

Post: # 65576Post wllzsec
Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:02 pm

I don't know, I'm from São Paulo/Brazil myself, and I can tell you that in the late september, more precisely on 26/sep/2019 I managed to get Solenopsis spp. (the red fire ant) I saw termites flying as well(can't ID them) if you want, catch a pair. if I wanted, I could get some Atta spp. that day there was a lot of them flying and dying on the streets. two weeks ago(can't remeber the day, sorry) I got a small black queen ant, there were several of there and also red fire ant queens on this day and last saturday as well, day(09/nov/2019). that saturday I found a Pheidole spp. queen, pure luck, I found just one, but the yard had at least 4 red fire ant queens... one thing all these days had in common is that they where hot days just after a light rain or a storm on the earlier day. keep an eye out for hot days after rain, even if it rains on the morning keep an eye out for hot sunny afternoons. I'm keeping notes so I may compile something, since south america seems to return no reliable data on google for flights... plus it all thepends on the ants around your region... Here there are several red fire ants nests so, of course I will find queens of red fire ants... too bad I see several nests of Pheidole spp. but just one queen which, I tell you it was luck, she was just there wingless and waiting for something... keep looking and you may find, also be very observant of small things walking on the pavement/ground or flying around you.

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