Pseudomyrmex gracilis.

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Pseudomyrmex gracilis.

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Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:45 pm

Well I wanted to tell you what happened to me with this ant. (Not is impressive or interesting)

Well what happened was that I had already caught 2 pseudomyrmex gracilis, first catch one and died and then the same thing happened :|
The third was with me 12 days without laying eggs or anything and in the end I escaped (I do not know how lucky these little ants have to get away) catch one and was literally 4 days but the day that catch it is not counted, the third day in I found the night by putting an egg :mrgreen: :D



And today it's the next day putting another :D
I really like this species and it is very difficult to breed for many people for me it has not been because I only put it in a had test and wait ...

Well keep counting .....

Ask, if you can give me advice and what you want.

Greetings. :D

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