Nuptial Catches

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Nuptial Catches

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Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:49 am

(moving this here from the new members section, if nothing else this is a collection of my observations and questions while raising my first colony :D)

3 queens still alive and quite active, still not sure I did my tubes right cause the cotton wool looks a little dry on the queen chamber end but don't know if I am just being paranoid.

First queen has laid about 15-20 small eggs, don't seem to have grown in the 2 weeks since I last checked her but she does seem to be tending them.

Second queen laid about 10 eggs then just stopped, she still sits near the eggs but doesn't tend them in the same way as the first but I'm hoping that she is still looking after them since she hasn't full on abandoned them.

Last queen is a bit weird. She was really hard to catch and a bit bigger than the other two. She had laid two eggs when I last checked two weeks ago and does not appear to have lain any more, but one egg hasnt grown and the other looks as though it is about to reach the larva stage. She was moving around the tube with it in her mouth. Not sure if she is an actual nest queen that I have caught by accident and this is the normal laying speed for a queen or if she might be hungry.

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