Grain Mites Beware. A cationary Tale

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Grain Mites Beware. A cationary Tale

Post: # 8934Post GriffinAnt
Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:31 am

Am posting this as a cationany tail mainly for Ant keepers here in the uk who breed their own Mealworms and darkling beatles.

Due to the very hot weather and huminity 3 days ago i noticed what i first thought was a flim of white grains around the holding tanks and on the lids of said mealworms etc . upon closer inseption i was shocked to see they were moving !

Past 3 days ive had to washdown all holding tanks the table they were on and destroy all beatles and meal worms. drastic measures but only way to coantain the outbreak. Because the substrate i use for these is porage oats, mixed with the weather turned out to be a ideal breeding ground for these mites further research informed me that the female mite will lay 300 eggs every 3 days !

This alone is bad enogh how ever apoun looking at my omni nest where my messors live and doing very well, i found the mites had found there way into the nest but not the outworld. had to strip the nest toatlly twice and wash it in plain hot water. the ants i just placed into the out world along with there seed stores and eggs and lavre and pupa.

The ants reocupied the clean nest within 10 mins of reatachment to the out world.

So please please beware of this my fellow keepers. its very stressfull and the striping and reasembly of a onmi nest is very difficult if not used to such things.

I hope this has help someone even if just as a warning.

Ant love Guys.

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Re: Grain Mites Beware. A cationary Tale

Post: # 8937Post Batspiderfish
Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:59 am

Are these mites actually a problem? My Tenebrio colony has had them for years and is doing fine. I've even fed the mites to my fish and smaller ants.
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Re: Grain Mites Beware. A cationary Tale

Post: # 8940Post GriffinAnt
Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:55 am

well in my mind they are, purly cause of the numbers involed. they would easly take over an ants nest. also they look very unsighty and when they start to spread looking for more oats they get everywhere. as i said they come from the poradge oats used as food and bedding substrate used for mealworms and darkly beatles. only posted as a warning to others here in the uk as we are experancing a heatwave which is why they have apeared. i imagine in the states where you have Air con its not a problem.

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