Fungus-Growing Ants

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Fungus-Growing Ants

Post: # 55767Post Asylumental
Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:34 am

So I'm from BC canada, and it seems like all the fun ants are tropical or neo tropical..
Vampire ants, bullet ants, leaf cutter ants, etc...

I thought that an aphid milking species or fungus farming species would be fun, and super interesting.
I research fungus farming ants and I was very excited when I found a non leaf-cutting species that has a high level of mutualism with the fungus..and this species is found as far north as New York!!!
This insect may not be local to my area, but I at least know that it's a species that is more hearty and can handle colder weather.. infact New York is often more cold than here..
I only care about the cold weather issue because its winter and we get power outages...had an 8 hour long power outage earlier this week, in -15° celcius weather, and surely any tropical critters would have had a hard time surviving..

The species is called Trachymyrmex septentrionalis

Now I'm wondering, does anyone know where I could get some?
Maybe someone in the east coast usa could find me a queen and some workers?

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Re: Fungus-Growing Ants

Post: # 55812Post PTasker15
Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:31 pm

Not to discourage you,But Trachmyrmex Is EXTREMELY Rare.
My current ants
Pogonomyrmex Occdentalis
Myrmecositis Mexicanus
Formica Subsercea
Pheidole Moerens
Pheidole Obscuriothorax
Pheidole Bicarinata
Tetramourium Bicarinatum
Temnothorax Lonvcieps
Camponotua Castanus
Solenopsis Richteri,invicta,xyloni,Molesta.

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Re: Fungus-Growing Ants

Post: # 58149Post Asylumental
Sat May 11, 2019 1:27 pm

That doesnt discourage me at all!
I think it just makes me more ambitious to having a colony of them!
I had no idea, it's nice having this forum...because finding information via Google is pretty tough...

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Re: Fungus-Growing Ants

Post: # 58188Post TheRealAntMan
Sun May 12, 2019 9:30 pm

A woody forest would be your best bet and that doesn't guarantee anything especially in Canada.
An ants' strength can be rivaled by few animals compared to relative body size.

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Re: Fungus-Growing Ants

Post: # 58191Post WillWithAnts
Sun May 12, 2019 10:00 pm

You have to learn to appreciate what is native in your area. Transporting ants over state lines is ecologically irresponsible and usually illegal :oops:

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