Transfer Ant or not?

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Should I use the technique(given in the text:link of a youtube)or not?

Yes, but be careful.
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No, you can injure the queen!
I don't know.
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Transfer Ant or not?

Post: # 52164Post Araiz1
Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:57 am

I am Araiz,I have felt in love with ants by looking at the videos of AntsCanada A.K.A Mikey Bustos. Now I want to keep them. By looking at the GAN project and trying to see if any Ant farmers in my area are trying to sell ants, I came to know that Pakistan is not situated in the list at all. I am not over 18 years, as I am 14 years old, and I am not a professional ant keeper. So I wanted your help. There are like 7-8 species of ants living in my lawn and my backyard, one of them is Black Crazy Ants(B.C.A), and I want to keep them. They, Black Crazy Ants(B.C.A), live in my home and I want to transfer them to my habitat but I don't know how? There was a migration of B.C.A from outside the gate of my house going inside to the space between the bricks. I thought of them to be undefeatable as they took 7 hours to complete their migration, with more than fifty queens. It has not been a week, 80% of the colony was killed by another colony living in my house, which seemed to be of ratio 'Another colony 1:8 B.C.A.' Later the remaining B.C.A found another hole and are now living there. So I want a colony of ants living in the habitat, made by me, may it be B.C.A( which I want) or any other colony living in my lawn or backyard. Give me tips on how to make them to leave the lawn and join my habitat, or you can set a GAN farmer at Lahore particularly. Nuptual Flight are not happening these days. So please tell me how to transfer any colony to my place.

Or should I use this technique (YouTube).
I want your reply.

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Re: Transfer Ant or not?

Post: # 52197Post cheetawolf
Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:08 am

you shouldnt do it right now, as they will be going into hibernation, and taking a well established colony getting ready for a dormant stage is a big no no, as it will most likely lead to their deaths.

instead, wait till next spring for nuptial flight, besides, ant keeping is all about patience
yay for ants!

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