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I’m new

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Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:40 pm


I’ve been an AC YouTube fan for quite a while. Today I was lounging by the pool and the kids found a giant ant.

I looked in amazement as I realized it was a queen! Her wings were gone so I immediately grabbed her and put her in Tupperware.

Naturally I’ve never seen a queen ant in person so I was ever so excited.

I feel it’s obvious I’ve never shopped at the AC store before so as advised in the videos I went to my local florist and got a floral tube and now she is safely put away in a safe where it’s dark, quiet, and cannot be disturbed.

I feel like I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up because it has been stated a few times that the queens will not always lay eggs for various reasons so hopefully I get lucky.

I’m also worried because the tube I got doesn’t seem long enough so I likely do not have enough water in there to keep her nourished which means I’ll be buying the test tube gear pack very shortly to accommodate my needs.

This also has led me to apply to the community so that I may purchase some queens locally. Hopefully someone in my area is also a member.

I’m very excited about this and hopefully I will learn a lot in the coming months.

My children will also be thrilled if I’m successful and can begin growing our first colony!


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Re: I’m new

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Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:34 am

Congrats Darin, happy to hear you got one, not everyone does. Just wondering if you have ID'd her yet. That might help other's give you tips on what to do for her and tell you what kind of nest she needs.
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