Im back,looking for keeprs In Beaver Dam,Wisconsin!

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Im back,looking for keeprs In Beaver Dam,Wisconsin!

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Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:34 pm

I'm not new.I signed up in October if 2016 and think I lost interest in march of 2018.I've kept ants for almost four years new.I was made aware of moving to beaver dam,wisconsin in early June of this year.What ants are there?How do I hibernate?Is there Formica?P.Imparis?
-Austin,All the way down in Texas.
My current ants
Pogonomyrmex Occdentalis
Myrmecositis Mexicanus
Formica Subsercea
Pheidole Moerens
Pheidole Obscuriothorax
Pheidole Bicarinata
Tetramourium Bicarinatum
Temnothorax Lonvcieps
Camponotua Castanus
Solenopsis Richteri,invicta,xyloni,Molesta.

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