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Ant Trading

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I'm new to the forums and Ant keeping in general. Had ants when I was kid like most people. But I didn't really have an interest in it again until I came across the AntsCanada YouTube channel by accent. And for the last few months I've been waiting for the nuptial flight in my area with great excitement, and all I've been able to come across so far is Pharaoh ants amd Fire ants so far, neither of which are good for novice ant farmers

I live in the greater Tampa Bay area and I was wondering if anybody in the semi local region has had better luck with me than me finding camponotus, tetramorium or Odontomachus brunneus Queens. And more importantly if you caught more than one if you would be willing to trade swap or sell your extra Queens of those varieties. And yes before anybody says anything I know about the GAN project. But I wonder if there are people who aren't interested in selling their aunt but the more interest in swaping or helping out people who aren't as lucky as they are. I would happily trade my queen solenopsis Invictis for any of the above listed species she's already has some brood amd i love it when I check on them. But for so many reasons I don't want to start with solenopsis.

Well I hope to hear from you all soon,

ant love forever


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