Noob Ant Farmer on Vancouver Island

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Noob Ant Farmer on Vancouver Island

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Fri May 18, 2018 8:32 pm

Hey there enthusiasts, glad to find a great forum to join on the topic!

My 4 y/o son inspired me to dig deeper into the Ant world as his appetite for everything insect is voracious, thus leading me to extensive YouTube video tutorial viewings and voila! We are now excitedly collecting ants and having a blast doing so.

The other day, my son was excited to present his first queen find...a healthy Camponotus with her wings still attached. We celebrated and got her into a test tube setup asap, and later that afternoon we found two more and they were wingless. It was a perfect day for it as it had rained the previous night and was a warm spring morning that encouraged these queens out of their nests. We were incredibly excited and felt that fortune was truly on our side to have found three.

That night, I went out for a stroll and it was the most incredible thing ever. Everywhere I looked...QUEENS! Because of the huge expanse of parking lot pavement and where I was finding these beautiful creatures, I felt peril awaited them most definitely. I helped many into the small areas of vegetation I could find but it was just a crazy onslaught of Queens everywhere underfoot, in areas that were high risk and in danger of being I caught and saved several...actually 47 in total. (Yes, verified as Queens) I'm not saying they wouldn't have survived if I hadn't collected them, because nature always finds a way...but I was swept up with the gathering of these amazing gals.

So my son and I (after rush ordering tubes from Amazon) have now amassed a total of 50 Camponotus Queens, safely tucked away in a dark warm box, and each with its own test tube setup. Patiently we await their first brood, then a long hibernation...and the excitement of next spring.

It's a GAN farmer's dream. Or is it gluttonous? Nevertheless, its the coolest thing I've experienced in my life of nature explorations...sad to think how many I just brushed off as winged pests over all the years. All this, in thanks to my son's growing curiosity and the AntsCanada YouTube channel.

Not long until the Tetramorium Queens take to the skies now ;)



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