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Hello from Germany

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:27 am
by DocZoid
Hey guys,

I found this forum via the awesome AntsCanada videos, which got my quite hooked.
And thanks to the help of MadVampy I could now register for it.

My interest for insects (but also other arthropodes) exist since my very youth. That's also why I studied bioscience/neuroscience. For example in my Bachelor Thesis I worked whith learning in honey-bees.
As it was not possible to not find some queens in my area 2 weeks ago and due to the inspiration from AntsCanada I was thinking about getting my own colony started.

You can help my identify my queens if you want:

Currently I live in the middle of Germany and write my PhD thesis.
If you have other question about me, just ask.

Happy to be part of this forum now.