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New from.UK

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 5:08 pm
by RuinedDrone
Hi all,

S no guess how we got introduced to Ants! 😀

Any how after watching the YouTube channel for a while my daughter of 10 joined in around the start of the current pandemic and a highlight of the week is sitting down to watch the latest release.

Mummy is not so keen on this job is but to be fair she has grown more interested and engaged with these little fellows.

About 8 weeks ago now during the nuptial flighty daughter proudly came in to the house with a single ant in a bug jar telling me she wanted to raise a colony...

Added a ball of cottonwool socked in water and left it, very much expecting either a dead ant or at best a living ant but no eggs in a few days.

But no 4 days later and a tiny cluster of egss.

So I set up a night vision cam (on raspberry pi) and left her in peace.

Over the last few weeks we watched edges turn to larva and pupa. So fingers crossed a few more weeks and the first brrod will be ready for some food.

It's been fasinating watching as a zoologist in previous career I wish I had the tools like internet and IR camaras when I was young that let my daughter learn and experience stuff like this. I am fascinated by what she can learn from channels like AntsCanada!

So thanks to AntsCanada for introducing my little girl to such wonderful things and making her excited in learning what nature has to teach us.

For not a few pics of Queen Celesta, long may she rule.

And a short clip from the camara.

Will be sure to keep you updated on how the colany grows.

Re: New from.UK

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:21 am
by RuinedDrone

A more recent clip of her looking after Pupa.