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Hi and "goedendag" from the Netherlands

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:26 am
by daves2hd
Hi everyone,

My name is David, I'm from the Netherlands.
I'm completely new to ant keeping as a hobby and I'm very excited I just started with a lasius niger colony. It's hard to be patient to watch and see them grow and have the next expand to something big and wonderful.

As a kid I was always wanted to keep ants but my parents would never allow me to nor help me with it. So now many years later (29y old) I got inspired by the AntsCanada videos on youtube. I watched a lot of them already and I just can't get enough of the ants!

I would really like to thank Mikey Bustos personally for putting so much time and effort in the videos and inspiring me to pickup something that I can pour my heart and soul in. I've been going through a very tough and rough few years and having something that I wanted in the past and see how it can be done and make it more accessible for everyone is just something great! For me it's a way to get back in touch with myself. So... if you read this, thank you so much!