Hello from Virginia!

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Hello from Virginia!

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Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:18 pm

Hello, friends! My name is Clownboy. I’m a professional clown serving the southeastern Virginia area for the past twenty-five years. I’ve been watching the AntsCanada channel off and on for several years now and have even considered doing an ant farm. Since we’re on quarantine and all my gigs had to cancel, I’ve pretty much been holed up watching the channel all the time! I’ve finally decided to try my hand at ant keeping. I had mentioned this to my boss (I keep a regular job as well and it’s considered essentially, so at least I’m working) and he called me this afternoon saying he found THREE queens while gardening! So I’m heading out to pick up the queens and to get some dinner. Now I don’t have any test tubes (though I did order some a few minutes ago), so they are going to be kept in a plastic container. I asked him to put a soaked cotton ball in there for water and a honey/water mixture also soaked in a cotton ball. Would that be good enough for now? Can’t wait to share my ant raising adventures with you!

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