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Hello from South East UK

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 2:08 pm
by NanooNanoo
Hello everybody and all :D

I'm a noob when it comes to ants as recent events started to get me fascinated on these creatures.
It all started when our back garden being dug up and relayed with turf and Indian sandstone tiles. After work completed, I saw some Lasius niger ants digging up from under the foundation and marching across from onside of the garden to another.

At this point, I started asking a question on our UK reefing forum for marine aquamarines that I'm a member of for last 11 years and surprised how many other members in to the same hobby. So gathered some intel and decided to go deep in to keeping ants..... and you can say a little too deep for a noob like me.

Firstly, without reading and due to my excitement, i started purchasing bits for a formicarium without realising not needed until the brood hatches and multiplies. Long story short, bought loads when I needn't.


As for the ants species, I ordered Camponotus turkestanus 1 queen with 3 workers and looks like delivered 2 queens with one with workers and other with sack and eggs :D


All in all, always have questions and this seems to be the only forum I could find with plenty of members and wide range of info.
Sadly, in UK, couldn't find a forum good enough so going global :)