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I have recently taken up an interest in ant keeping. While it is currently winter here in Wellington, New Zealand, my traps have found a few species of ant in my area. The most common species is Chelaner antarcticum.

My information suggests that nuptial flights begin in September but really ramp up late Feburary, early March. I have had some trouble associating flight dates with particular local species.

I am producing a nest using polystyrene 1cm deep with acrylic sheet windows. I currently don't have the funds for a professional nest but I will begin saving for one. I am working on a plan to setup a moisture gradient within my nest and the polystyrene sheets should help keep it high enough to mimic our local environment.

I have a degree in Biotechnology which is in a big part the use of biochemistry in the world. I have been pretty buzzed to see the level of thought and next level thinking applied by experienced ant keepers.

I gotta go to work but hope to get back to you all later to get to know you all.

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