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Hi. new here. just got my first starter colony and finished building a little founding formicarium. just looking for input on the unit itself. as you can see I screwed up and drilled 1 hole a little too big. however a 16mm test tube will fit tight. my plan is to cut a tt in half and plug it in using it for feeding and air. on the other side things went better. smaller hole held the cap for the tt and makes changing them much easier. this will be where I set up my SW feeder. it was a 2 pour plaster effort. first pout was the angled back side. I then carved all the tunnels out and replaced. then poured the second half to hold the nest tight to glass. its my first effort and was like the actual third effort to get the final product. awe crap d I need to use fliker or something to get pics up?

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