new anter in cape town. may need help

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new anter in cape town. may need help

Post: # 56194Post evilbeanz13
Fri Mar 01, 2019 8:19 am

hi guys . always wanted to keep ants from a small boy. finally planing to start.
today i had luck where i walked through the park at searle street Woodstock. (1 march 2019) i came across 2 queen ants.

not sure on the speices and not really sure on my next move. i had ordered some test tubes so they should arrive in like a week or so . any advice would be great

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Re: new anter in cape town. may need help

Post: # 56472Post harvesterant
Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:11 pm

Provide them with water and air, so they do not die. Some queens need to eat while founding a colony, so it may be best to provide them with a drop of honey.
On this forum, there are people who can identify species of ants, you just need to send the country and month the queens were caught, their size and pictures of them where you can clearly see them.
Try to keep them in the dark, and do not disturb them too much, otherwise they can get stressed which can lead to problems or even them dying. Caring too much for them therefore can lead to them dying.
Try to keep them in a suitable container that lets them breathe, in a dark place until the test tubes arrive. Good luck with your new colony!

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