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Post: # 32906Post Dearth335
Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:16 pm

I am working with my friend who is a aspiring programmer to make an ant keeping app. The app has many features. Here is a list of features.

- groups: join others' groups and stay in touch with their ant keeping experience
- group chat: talk to people you choose to follow
- Global message board: get updates and polls to improve the app also participate in contests
- what's flying nearby: a list of the nuptial flights going on in your area (information gathered from posts and identifications)
- online shop: buy merchandise store tokens
- merch shop: buy formacariums, ant gear, and merchandise
- leaderboard: every month, year, and week, gain different levels of tokens genus=>universal=>merchandise
- photo board: post photos, get likes, and get genus tokens
- possible market place: organize adoption and sales of ant colonies
- identification database: photos of possible queens are identified for species and genus the identifier earns tokens.

I will keep you guys posted on when this app is coming out and if any other features are added.
but be ready, it may be ready in spring 2018.

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