Sugar sources for wild ants?

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Sugar sources for wild ants?

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Mon May 04, 2020 10:46 pm

Hi all! I’m new here, and I’ve taken a liking to some wild ants that live in my sandbox! I’ve been feeding them for a few days, and while they definitely take to it, only about ten to thirty show up. Still, they’re fascinating to watch, and it’s a bit of a pet project for me during the quarantine to feed them in the morning and check on them every few hours.
In any case, I accidentally destroyed their hill a little, and I regret that it’ll take them a very long time to recover. However, I assume their queen is safely buried several feet down, as the worker ants are still alive and I messed it up yesterday.
I decided to apologize to them with extra sugar, also in hopes that the colony will grow faster and be able to recover. My question is, will Ants eat hard candy? The best source of sugar I have right now is nerds candies. Also, if it depends on the species, I don’t know what they are, but they’re medium-sided black ones in Colorado. They like to change their entrance hole a lot, too.

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