How to setup a five gallon for a new colony

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How to setup a five gallon for a new colony

Post: # 68869Post ThatsBanananas
Sun Apr 12, 2020 5:31 pm

I have a couple of five-gallon tanks from reptiles that were moved to larger tanks. I want to set up a colony in one then eventually expand to the other. I can get test tubes for the beginning but I was wondering how I should set up an enclosure for them with the tank.... I would also hope to go right from test tube to tank so if you have any ideas on how to section of parts of the tank to give to them bit by bit or a budget intermediate step id love to hear them!

I havent picked a species likely whatever I can catch in the next few months in southern(ish) ontario, canada! maybe a lasius or tetrimorium sp.

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Re: How to setup a five gallon for a new colony

Post: # 69406Post BluMoon
Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:00 pm

Question: are the ants going to dig their tunnels in the soil? or are you going to make them their nest?

If you give them nests, you can plug the entrances so that you allow the ants to make their way through the size of the space as they grow.

If you give them dirt, they can build their progress. It is more natural, but it may be hard to locate them. Mikey has had one such issue
where he couldn't find the young colony and thought they were dead.

I haven't tried anything like this ever, so I can't give a lot of good advice.

Good luck

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