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Live chat suggestion

Post: # 8382Post larynx
Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:03 pm

Hey, i was wondering what everyone thought about a "live chat" on the AC forum. ive seen some other forums do this and it seems like a good way to have real time conversations about anting and ant keeping. i think the AC community may be big enough now to handle a little chat section. i also believe this would help thin out the smaller posts and conversations in the forum, that could just be discussed in a live chat real quick.
what is everyone's, including moderators thoughts on this?
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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 8383Post nightxwolf88
Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:04 pm

Love it haha I'm always on the forum trying to learn stuff.

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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 8399Post AntsRule
Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:11 pm

Love the idea, I would totally use it :D
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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 8406Post Solenopsisace
Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:16 pm

I agree it would make everything simplified. It would even help the monitors from picking which form to send which post. It would also make it easier on them to find spammers and suspend/ terminate those bogus account.


Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 8419Post GreenMan
Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:41 am

yes, I'm sure I would be in it from time to time. or even a team speak server.


Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 13621Post JohnyDL
Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:13 pm

I was going to ask/suggest the same thing

We could do it with IRC with or without sanction

There are plenty of free irc servers like you get a client I use but others are available, join the server type '/join #AntsCanada' and voila all you need to do then is let us all know where it is. If the mods wanted to do this they could do some chanserv and nickserv stuff to keep control of it.

Im game, but it might be quiet given the amount of posts on the forum.

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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 15434Post xTNxANTMANx
Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:32 pm

I would definitely use the live chat. I am on here constantly reading and learning all that I can and for the small questions like you mentioned would really cut down on space and make the Forum for just more information based discussions. I think it's a really good idea.
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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 15723Post Nathant
Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:32 pm

I would absolutley LOVE a live chat, especially on this forum. You're right, it would greatly cut down the amount of smaller topics that may only ask a single, simple question that can easily be answered on a chat room. It would also bring this community together a whole lot more. I would definitely implement this! :D
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Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 15738Post Serafine
Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:32 am

I'd prefer an ant keeping journal section (seriously why doesn't this forum have one?) but a live chat wouldn't be bad either.


Re: Live chat suggestion

Post: # 15740Post KingKyle26
Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:20 pm

There is a journal section. What do you mean?

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