Sudgestion for AntsCanada youtube channel

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Sudgestion for AntsCanada youtube channel

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Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:35 am

I first want to say that I love the channel and how it's going, it was one of the main reasons I got into ant-keeping. Just one suggestion though, this has been said before but could we have more ant-keeping video's? the new ones are great and I love the drama for entertainment and all but sometimes it would be nice to see an ant-keeper taking care of his ants addressing everyday problems. especially since lots of ant-keepers have very little experience with taking care of large colonies. Currently the live streams are a great Idea and they are really nice but could it be possible to have something like the live streams weekly but shorter. I know Mikey is really busy and he had enough problems with even the ant bite Wednesdays (still don't know where those went :D ). I would be OK with it not being 4k since that takes time. these "episodes" would not even need a plot or problem since sometimes those just don't arise. Thanks a ton for your your great work on the forums and the channel. :)
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