Wait time before flying (urgent)

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Wait time before flying (urgent)

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Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:52 am

Hi y’all, I was thinking today about posting this for future reference, and while walking, I stumbled across the very reason to post in the first place. So my question is, if I find a lot of ants with wings around the nest, around how long should I wait before I go back and look for them? In my case, there are what I believe to be some type of pheidole ant species (there are workers with very large heads) and I thought I missed out on them a month or two ago. I have just found plenty of alates around the nest, and I need to know when I should go back to find them. Also, how far away should I look from the nest? I’m located in southeast Louisiana. Thanks in advance!
Solenopsis (invicta?)

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