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Formicarium Jewelry

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:34 pm
by itsJoergen
Now I take a jewelry making class in a Michigan high school and needed to think of a portfolio idea. I settled on Fauna (animals), which led me to want to make a formicarium. This first piece I made is like brass knuckles, I used bronze for the ring and then acrylic for the actual formicarium that is attached to the brass knuckles. I have yet to put a fully developed colony in it, but my test subjects of tetramorium sp.e seemed to not suffer any ill effects from the laser cut plexus. If this works this will further improve my portfolio and the making of acrylic formicarium a in general. I would appreciate any feedback, AND MORE IDEAS! It would be great to have this win an award so I am trying to improve upon this AMAP.