Antsgeo - ants location on the world map

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Antsgeo - ants location on the world map

Post: # 16979Post jsCoder
Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:55 am


I would like to tell about my web service antsgeo (link: https://antsgeo.*** SPAM ***/).
Some time ago, got the idea to create a web service where antkeepers can tell you about the accurate location of ants species, and this information visualize on the world map. In the concept, service antsgeo must perform two main functions, receive information from antkeepers (to database) and give this information (from database) into map. The service consists of panel controls and map, on the map shows markers, with specie an ant, comment, time and location, in the panel controls there is buttons which are responsible for certain actions.
The main mission antsgeo - collection data about location of ants from myrmecologists and visualize it on the world map.
Antsgeo can be useful for myrmecologists, which the study of ants, and for ant keepers interested in ants.

For what else purposes can be useful antsgeo?
  • For searching queen of near your location
  • For searching ants which interested you
  • For their purposes

How to add information?
I tried to make a easy, quick and intuitive populate the fields for adding data, so adding information in the database antsgeo very simple, need click on place on the map, then fill out the small form, where there are two necessary fields. The first it is the name specie ant, the second it is the comment.
In field comment you can write the landmark where exactly is colony or other useful information. Other requiered fields (time, coordinates) completes the service.
I tried to made detailed instructions (with images) for using this service, it is in the tab "help".

Some time ago i told my russian colleagues about this service, and they already added about 170 markers, so already there is small statistics of distribution of the ants in western Russia :)

If you have any questions, write in the comments, I'm will try to answer (my english language is bad :( ) all questions!

Link to antsgeo: https://antsgeo.*** SPAM ***/



Re: Antsgeo - ants location on the world map

Post: # 30240Post StopSpazzing
Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:13 pm

Wow. Really amazing job! Almost started doing a project like this to add to the wiki I recently started.

I have some questions:

How does this compare to: Why is it still using favicon from AngularJS?

As I mentioned, I have recently created a wiki for ant keepers, and need something like this to help complete it. Do you mind working together for integration into it?

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