3 new queen ants (spain) identification

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3 new queen ants (spain) identification

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Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:24 pm

I have caughg three different queen these past weeks. I have a minimum idea in two of them but I have no idea what the other might be

1: this first one measures about 10-11 mm and is very black and shiny (is it formica fusca??)

2: this one is about 8-9 mm and is greyish/black, I think it might be lasius niger, but it is just a hypothesis

3: i have no clue what it the genus this queen ant belongs to, might it be tetramorium?? I have no idea. Anyway it measures 7 mm and is black.
x1 Tapinoma erraticum
x2 Lasius niger

x7 Camponotus
x1 Unknown

Tetramorium sp


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