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Odontomachus Update

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Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:23 pm

It's been a while, the first queen who had 3 larvae is doing well I provided her with a bunch of soil from the plants on my garden and after a couple of days after my last update she started bringing soil into the tube and building a barricade at the entrance, she likes raw fresh chicken liver (of course a really small piece) also raw fresh fish, when the food has been frozen she doesn't eat it, two more weeks passed and the larvae turned into pupae, I've been watering the soil and she doesn't eat that much now but I see that she drinks the muddy water from the soil, the soil inside the nest seems to be helping with the mold problem I had. Finally today I noticed 2 new members on this colony.... but sadly they are both males :cry: that could mean that this queen is not fertilized I don't know if this male can fertilize the queen, she has more eggs at the moment.

My other odontomachus queen sadly died I provided her the same resources as my other queen but she never fed their eggs or eat anything and her nest building abilities seemed really poor compared to the my other queen, I think she wasn't prepared to have a colony.

The camponotus queen I found didn't last too long she died after 2 weeks :cry:

But good news is I found a young odontomachus colony living in one of the pots I have inside my house with plants, I wanted to replace the soil on this plant and while I was dumping the soil into the floor I saw one odontomachus worker and stopped right away, placed him back into the pot and placed a little bit of honey to really see how many of them were there, to my surprise just two workers approached my gift, but after a couple of minutes I was amazed because the queen herself came out of the nest to taste the honey, and I noticed this weird behavior, one of the workers was biting one of the queen legs, I was like WTF can this ant be from another colony? The queen just kept drinking from the honey while this worker was trying really hard to pick a fight with the queen, and suddenly the worker grabbed the queen by the torso and lifted her with incredible strength and literally dragged her into the nest, I didn't understand what was happening, minutes later the worker came back to the delicious honey, and a couple of seconds later the queen did the same LOL and the story repeats, it looked like a fight but after watching again noticed the worker was really careful on the way she grabbed the queen, she just wanted the queen to be safe lol, so later the queen returned herself into the nest and never came back outside. I water the plant every day like always did but now I place some food for this young colony, it's just 2 workers and a queen from what I've seen, I tried to record them but the soil is so dark that can barely see them.

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