Identifying species and queens

Help with identifying the species your ants

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Re: Identifying species and queens

Post: # 457Post antscanada
Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:49 am

Hi there and thank you for posting!

Yes, the photo does look blurry and for those trying to identify ants, that makes the job a lot harder.

Things to keep in mind when asking for an identification are:

1) Make sure the photo has good lighting, is clear, and focused up close.
2) Let us know locality.
3) Let us know body length in mm.
4) Let us know when it was caught.
5) Let us know of any behavioural, appearance, or other details which may be of help.

However, I do agree that it does look like a velvet ant, which is actually a wingless wasp. If she is kind of furry looking then, yes she is likely a wingless wasp.

NOTE: I am also moving this topic to the Ant Identification Center. Thanks for posting!
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Re: Identifying species and queens

Post: # 1597Post AntsAustralia
Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:50 am

Can someone pleas of this ant, I will try to get better pics tomorrow but I'm from central Australia and these girls are over 1cm long with very long legs, these are the normal workers. They were found under a cinder brick.
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