Help with identifying the species your ants

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I Will Post Help Here Of Species That Are Similar.

Brachymyrmex Patagonicus Or Nylanderia Terricola

Brachymyrmex Patagonicus
·Workers 2mm,Queens 2.5-
Or 3mm.
·Called "Dark/Black Rover Ants".
·Have Nuptial Flights At Night,Attracted To Light.
·Workers Black,Depending On Lighting Queen Are Brown Or Black.

Nylanderia Terricola
·Workers Are 3mm.Queens Are 3.5mm.
·No Name
·Have Nuptial Flights After Rain Before Noon/During Noon.
·Workers Are Usually Brown And Kind If Large,Queens Are All Black/Brown Except For The Thorax Which Is A Bright Red(C.f. Version) Or Maroon

Tetramourim Binarcintrum Or Myrmica Rubra

Myrmica Rubra
·Workers And Queen 5mm
·All Red
·Can Sting
·Nuptial Flight After Rain In Early Morning.

Tetramourium Binarcairtum
·Workers And Queen 4.5mm
·All Red,But Faster Is Black
·Semi Claustral
·Nuptial Flights At Night After Rain Huliding Under Objects By Light.
1 Tetramourium Binarcairtum
1 Crematogaster Biroi
3 Camponotus Deciepens
7 Camponotus Ceastaus
1 Strumigenys Rogeri
1 Dormyrmex Bureni
6 Nylanderia Terricola
4 Brachymyrmex Pataginicus
Dream Species-Atta Texana

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