Looking for some tips and advice

Help with identifying the species your ants

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Looking for some tips and advice

Post: # 36935Post Ductape503
Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:18 am

Hey everybody,

After watching the AntsCanada channel for about six months I’ve finally decided to start a colony. I got a few queens from a science teacher at a local school here in South Florida, I was told they could be Brachymymxer. I have three queens together in one tube, and a fourth queen in her own tube. I linked some of the better pictures I could take, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Re: Looking for some tips and advice

Post: # 55801Post harvesterant
Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:02 am

Have the 3 queens interacted peacefully? That sounds great.

Here are some tips:

Remember to identify the queens, and feed any semi claustral ones.
Keep all your queens in the dark except for checking them every so often (once a week).
Start feeding fully claustral queens as soon as the first adult workers emerge.
Only relocate queens to formicaria when they have workers.
Be patient. Ant keeping is not a fast process. Some queens can take up to 3 weeks to lay their first eggs.
Do not be disappointed if one queen is infertile, that often happens.
Raising a queen is not risk-free even for an expert ant keeper. Failure and queen death often occurs.

I hope this helped.

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