Unidentified huge ant species

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Unidentified huge ant species

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Sat May 19, 2018 6:19 am

Hi AntsCanada Forum,

I have a question about a weird ant colony that lives around my house (countryside). I live in Romania small country in the eastern Europe, i have a home that i rarely visit and some type of ants have invaded it (not a problem tho) i have searched the whole internet to identify the species but haven't quite figured out what those ants are, my guess Camponotus herculeanus, unfortunately i forgot to take a photo but soon i'll have one for you. The weird thing that happend was that i only saw major or supermajors around the house,they were crawling all day without a purpouse and they are huge, ~20mm and after the search about the species i conclueded that these ants may not be Camponotus herculeanus, their max size is ~12mm and queen size max ~16mm, beside this, on the ant-map i saw that this species was not living in my area, but somehow they look exactly the same but on a larger scale.
Can you help me identify this species? and maybe give me some tips on how to find their nest, i tried to follow some of them but no succes.

Keep up the good work,
Vlad Tripon

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