possible Citronella Ants please help identify

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possible Citronella Ants please help identify

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Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:11 pm

Hello members,
I might have posted this in the wrong place originally, but I m in the Dallas TX area, found some ants starting a new nest- in the ground never seen this type around here before, they are about 1/4" long, translucent amber/yellow in color. nest has a large opening of about 1/2" diameter, they are shy, and do not sting or bite. so my kids and I scooped out the nest into a Rubbermaid tub. pretty sure I got all of them, and they have re-organized in the tub. I will try to attach pics here, but have had difficulty on this forum for some reason the pics load then it ways that board quota has been reached?
my questions are:
If these are Citronella ants, I read that their primary source of food is honeydew from underground farmed aphids, this would make them difficult to keep, would need the ants, the aphids, and the plants for the aphids.

If ti is possible to keep them, then what is the best method for separating them form their substrate and getting them into a formicarium? I suppose I could dump them and search for the queen, but if there is a better way, would like to do that of course.

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