Ponera pennsylvanica?

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Ponera pennsylvanica?

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Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:44 am

Yesterday I Accedintuly Caught A Medium,Black Queen Ant That Stung Me.It Doesn't Show Up In The Video,But She Has Wing Scars,Eggs,And A Not So Pleasant Sting.I Think Its Ponera pennsylvanica Beacuse I Caught Her 11/20/17.Her Abdomen Also Represents Ponera pennsylvanica,But Making Sure.
Caught 1:19 PM,11/20/17,No Rain Past Week,
Caught in 73°F
About 4.5 MM
Stings,And Hurts(Feels Like Getting Glass Stuck In You're Arm)
Is Black,But When Put Up To The Sun,Represents
The Green-Head Ant,
Rhytidoponera metallica
Has Orange Legs And Jaws
Seems Shy
Not Disturbed By Direct Light
Caught In Crosby,Texas,USA
Very Neutral..
Unsure Of Fully Or Semi Claustral
Link To Video:
1 Tetramourium Binarcairtum
1 Crematogaster Biroi
3 Camponotus Deciepens
7 Camponotus Ceastaus
1 Strumigenys Rogeri
1 Dormyrmex Bureni
6 Nylanderia Terricola
4 Brachymyrmex Pataginicus
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