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Re: Ant Identificarion

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 11:32 am
by yassour67
This is the best shots I could have gotten, I thought about getting the queen out of the tube but that's too much it would stress her a lot

Re: Ant Identificarion

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 1:03 pm
by Batspiderfish
Sorry, It's difficult for us to make an ID without clearer pictures. I don't think any of us are familiar enough with Moroccan ants to produce an adequate guess. I can say, however, that she looks like a fully-claustral species, so she will likely be ok if she lays eggs and you wait for her first worker.

If you can figure out which subfamily she is in, maybe you can use a resource like to figure out which genus she is in.

Re: Ant Identificarion

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 11:41 am
by BleedingRaindrops
If you have an android, go into the settings menu on your camera app and set mode to pro, then select the zoom function from the main camera screen and set it to manual. The latest update will enlarge the image for finer focus.

If you have an apple it should be similar instructions but I don't use Apple products so I can't be certain. Apple tends to have better cameras anyway.

If you want even better photos, you can purchase a clip on macro lens on Amazon for pretty cheap.

For best results, use backlighting (Queen should be between the camera and the light source) and hold the camera 2-8 inches from the queen.
Be sure to get a shot next to a measuring tape to help identify the queen's size.
Rest your wrists or forearms on a solid, stable surface when taking photos, to minimize camera shake, or purchase a tripod.
After taking the photos, open the files in an image editor and crop the image until just the queen and a small margin around her is in the image.

Best of luck.