ID Ants from osmia reeds - please help me identify

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ID Ants from osmia reeds - please help me identify

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Tue Feb 13, 2024 1:50 pm


Size: 5-7 mm
When: yesterday 12.02.2024
Where: Eastern Europe, central Poland. Near watercourse, in garden close to agricultural field. Ants were inside reed tube. They fell of while i was cleaning cocoons - osmia rufa wild bee
Appearance: Dark, wavy antennas.
Behaviour: They fell out of reed tube when i was splitting it in half. They were probably screaming as they were falling, then running around nervously, after that they become calm and started to form clusters on the bottom sides of container, some of them were standing singly on the walls.
Additionally: They were inside bee "hive" that is made out of bunch on Reed pipes stuck together. Reed was about 10 mm in diameter.

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