Queen caught in Barcelona, Spain 12mm November-ish

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Queen caught in Barcelona, Spain 12mm November-ish

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Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:13 pm

Hi guys and girls,

I caught a queen late last year, I think around November. After having watched a fair bit of AntsCanada on Youtube, and seeing the size of her, I kept her. She showed up on the tiled floor in the back garden, suburban area, in between the sea and mountains.

I initially put her in a plastic container with some dry dirt, a wet cotton wad and a a tube made of packing paper, closed on end, since i really didn't have any test tubes at hand, and put her in a cool room. Looks like she mostly just hibernated all this time. She did chew out a lot of the packing paper and threw it outside the tube, seems like she was trying to dig deeper? The end of the paper tube was wet too.

Tonight I moved her to a test tube setup. she was pretty inactive, I did not spot any eggs.

I tried to take a few pictures, I managed to get her straight into the test tube from the paper tube and didn't want to mess her around too much. The pictures through the test tube are not great, but I hope to get a general identification maybe?

Her total length is 12 mm (test tube OD is 16mm)


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