Need Help Identifying Queens Caught in New Mexico, Mid-October

Help with identifying the species your ants

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Need Help Identifying Queens Caught in New Mexico, Mid-October

Post: # 65615Post toxicketchup
Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:25 am

Calling all ant experts: Can anyone please help us identify these? My girlfriend and I recently caught some ant queens during nuptial flights in New Mexico. Some have since started laying eggs. She thinks the larger one might be a Honeypot (Myrmecocystus Navajo or possibly Mexicanus) but is not 100 percent sure. She thinks the smaller ones are Camponotus but again, not entirely sure about them, either. The smallest, she's having trouble identifying. I don't know the first thing about ants but want to support her in her hobby. I'm making this post because she has limited capabilities with her phone.

I want to stress that these containers are temporary homes until we move to our new apartment. We already have individual formicariums for each egg-laying queen purchased and being shipped to the new apartment for when they reach the foundation stage with their required number of workers, and plan to provide them with a more efficient test tube setup. (her brother already lives there, it's his apartment).

Videos of the aforementioned queens:

Forgive me, the focus on my camera isn't perfect.

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Re: Need Help Identifying Queens Caught in New Mexico, Mid-October

Post: # 65619Post ArizonanAnts
Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:02 pm

The ant in the second video seems to be a "false honeypot ant" also called "winter ants". The scientific name is Prenolepis Imparis.

The two ants in the third video seem to be of the Lasius species. Lasius umbratus.

I still need to do some more research on the first ant. All of those queens look beautiful. I will keep you posted on what I find for the first queen!
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They are not doing well at all.

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