Dead Camponotus alate in good condition. Taxonomists want?

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Dead Camponotus alate in good condition. Taxonomists want?

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Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:06 pm

I found this dead Camponotus alate over a month ago after a nuptial flight in my place of work. She preserved incredibly well, and I've kept her on my shelf to see if she would remain in that condition.
15mm. All four wings intact and uncurled. All six legs intact and uncurled. Both antennae intact, slightly curled. Gaster unshriveled. I'm afraid to look further for fear of damaging her.
Got a bit of dust on her but I'm curious if there are any taxonomists out there who would love to have her. I can keep her safe for you, or I'll just enjoy her myself.

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