So apparently i own some ants

Help with identifying the species your ants

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So apparently i own some ants

Post: # 55041Post antking
Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:31 am

Hey all,

I've been building a bee hotel and accidentally stumbled upon a small ants nest inside a piece of bamboo. They've since migrated into my little hotel and are enjoying their new life. I'm in Sydney, Australia.

Anyway, the colony is about ~20 or 30 strong, has at least a dozen brood (accidentally knocked them onto the ground when i found them, but they all got collected and are safe), and i think has a queen in there too. All the ants are housed inside the end of a piece of bamboo, and they accept my offerings of blueberries / strawberries happily.

Can you help me figure out what species they are?

Images here

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Re: So apparently i own some ants

Post: # 55046Post cheetawolf
Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:32 pm

okay not entirely sure, but i think its either formica or camponotus
yay for ants!

6x lasius niger/americanus

12x tetramorium immigrans

1x formica podzolica

searching for
camponotus sp

GAN farmer in richmond BC

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Re: So apparently i own some ants

Post: # 55821Post shaky33
Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:56 pm

Almost certain is Polyrhachis sp. I'm gonna guess P. ammon. Very lucky man. Hope it helps!
- Rhytidoponera metallica
- Camponotus consobrinus x2
- Anonychomryma sp.
- Nylanderia sp.
- Melaphorus sp.
- Camponotus cairns
- Crematogaster sp.
- Colobopsis sp.
- Myrmecia nigrocinta
- Iridomyrmex purpureus
- Camponotus eastwoodi

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