Nylanderia terricola? and other ID requests.

Help with identifying the species your ants

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Nylanderia terricola? and other ID requests.

Post: # 49816Post Bierschneeman
Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:07 pm

all Louisianians

Flipped over a patch of moss while watching two Solenpsis invicta majors fighting, and found this little yellow ant. I had to get a specimen home.
I had extreme difficulty going through the keys so I can be completely off. Three times I could not tell, and looked ahead to see which had closer options further up.

definitely either Formicinae or Dolcherdinae. definitely overlapped mandibles, Scapes not overly long, and covered in thick but sparse pubescence. <2mm
I am clueless really, this is a humiliating guess.
ant 2
another one I got lost on my keys, Camponotus? she had no antennae, just scapes, standing there vibrating, sad.

ant 3
lets see, Myrmicinae, 3 antenneal club, 11 segements?, two parallel propodeum spines, looks like a normal gastor attatchment
I can knock off more than half of the genera, but fall apart.

ant 4
either Formicinae and Dolcherdinae
If its Dolcherdinae, I'd say Linepithema humile (or I am way off)
If its Formicinae, I'd say Formica, but can believe Lasius (need a good picture of the maxilla i guess)

ant 5
This wasp
lol, sorry

ant 6
and my prize, found her in a founding chamber, freshly dug. (poor pitance for watching Forelius fly, but not catching any, but she makes me happy)
two petioles, the post petiole is definitely wider, two prodoeum teeth, three antenneal club segments, but unsure of total segments
I unfortunately do not have a good set of queen keys, Ill try going through keyants.


ant 7.
I need better images, so I don't expect anything.
(all other ants i collected today I managed to identify, thanks to the help over the last few weeks of the people on this forum, not least batfishspider and therealantman. Thank you all. )
3 Solenopsis I/X
5 Tapinoma sessile
1 Nylanderia terricola/vivulda

1 Brachymyrmex patagonicus
1 Pheidole soritis
1 Tapinoma sessile

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Re: Nylanderia terricola? and other ID requests.

Post: # 50615Post DontSquishTheAnt
Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:48 am

Ant 1 looks very much like Nylanderia to me too, especially with the presence of the long pronotal hairs.

Ant 2 looks like Camponotus, but a profile view would help a lot with that; if the thorax has a more or less uniform, curved profile, compared to a "stair-stepped" profile, it is Camponotus.

Ant 3: I'm almost tempted to say Monomorium did it not have large, convex compound eyes as compared to the majority of that genus. It looks like Pheidole to me.

I don't know after that, but are you sure ant 5 is a wasp? It looks more like an ant alate of some kind.

You might want to know: an antennal segment is called an antennomere..
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